CDR MADEFAST Research Assistant (Joe Wagner)
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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 04:48:01 -0800
From: (Joe Wagner)
Subject: CDR MADEFAST Research Assistant

        My name is Joe Wagner and I am the new MADEFAST Research Assistant
at Stanford's Center for Design Research (CDR).  I will serve as a point of
contact here and will be maintaining the CDR MADEFAST World Wide Web page,
backed by CDR's Charles Petrie.

        I hope initially to assist in integrating people and information
for the MADEFAST project.  Towards this end I am making a general call for
information about the resources available to MADEFAST.  While we do have a
mailing list (send email to for general
distribution) we are still constructing (discovering?) the infrastructure
for MADEFAST.  With your indulgence I would appreciate it if everyone could
send me information, or pointers to information, concerning the following:

1. Who is involved (perhaps even a brief description)?  Is the mailing list
        - George Toye ( maintains the mailing
        list, a copy of which is found in:

2. Is there a single point of contact in each shop that I should use?

3. Finally and most importantly, what specifically are the tools that
people hope to use in this project?
        - We already have generated a possible list, but it may have
        significant omissions or biases.  This list should include
        documenting, designing and manufacturing tools.
        - Will anyone have difficulty in using the World Wide Web as the
        central means of information distribution?

I appreciate your assistance as MADEFAST roars to life.  I will no doubt
very soon be contacting many of you individually.  It promises to be an
exciting and busy six months and, with the feeling a deer in oncoming
headlights, await all of your replies.

                                                        Thank you,

                                                        Joe Wagner


The Web page for MADEFAST is currently being updated.  I will also shortly
have a new introduction page for myself in the CDR web.  However, for those
interested in a bad picture and brief summary of me can look at my entry in
the Mechatronic Systems Design Class resource book:

Joe Wagner                            
Rains #8H, 704 Campus Drive                     Voice: (415) 497 - 5857
Stanford, CA  94305