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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 11:32:43 PST
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>We would be interested in tracking, analyzing and observing the design 
>process in MADEFAST. Also we hope to gather data (through surveys and 
>interviews) about the design and implementation of MADFAST as opposed to 
>the design of the product (which MADEFAST will produce).  

 I also am interested in this. I not only agree with your observation

>At the present time we have very few tools that are mature enough to be 
>available as services in MADEFAST (MD*, ALCOA SLA).  We think that our 
>main contribution can be to use this opportunity to understand the 
>requirements for tools to be available as services on the network. 

but I think we also lack the requisite process management tools. As
you can see from my previous message to you, I think MADEFAST offers a
great opportunity to "play" with ways of managing the distributed
project management process.  I'll be interested in your analysis and
will keep you informed of any progress I might make along the way.
Presumably others will also try out electronic design notebooks,
hypermail, etc. and we can see what's useful, what hangs together, and
what's missing.


Stanford Center for Design Research