Importing Common Lisp into Interlingua

Robert MacGregor <>
Message-id: <>
To: James Rice <>
Cc: Tom Gruber <>,
        "Matthew L. Ginsberg" <>,, Daneel Pang <>
Subject: Importing Common Lisp into Interlingua
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 90 16:59:40 PDT
From: Robert MacGregor <>
Jim Rice's message states:

> It would be foolish to assume that KIF users would not
> want CLOS and such-like ...

I regard this as very much an issue of debate.  Mike G. placed
a section into a version of the KIF document importing all 
non-side-effecting Lisp functions.  I would prefer to see *no*
Lisp functions whatever in the Interlingua.  Instead, I think
there should be a formal way to enter Lisp from the Interlingua
when users desire to invoke Lisp.  We might at the same time
invent an escape into Prolog, or whatever other host languages
people consider appropriate.

If Matt's proposal is the only alternative to importing all of
Common Lisp into the Interlingua, then I am suddenly very
much in favor of adopting his proposal (I would image that I'm
employing counterfactual reasoning here).

Cheers, Bob