Re: Labelling propositions

Matthew L. Ginsberg <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 16:12:47 -0700
From: Matthew L. Ginsberg <>
Message-id: <9009172312.AA17476@Sunburn.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Re: Labelling propositions
Mike says:

	I think
	we already have basics like quote defined and should just stop
	worryiung it and get on with the more imporatnat business as you 

Amazing.  What we have is a proposed solution to a longstanding
philosophical question.  This proposal has not been reviewed by *any*
expert in the field, nor do we have any proof of the oft-repeated
claim that it is impossible to use the proposed mechanism to introduce
a contradiction or paradox into the language.

The interlingua committee simply does not have the expertise to settle
issues such as this -- in many cases, no one does as yet!  The fact that
there doesn't appear to be agreement on *anything* reflects this lack of
expertise, and I find it troubling -- as ever -- that some members of
the group seem to believe that they can solve difficult technical problems
by fiat instead of via legitimate (albeit slow) scientific progress.

						Matt Ginsberg