On the role of quotation in an RCode

Robert MacGregor <macgreg@vaxa.isi.edu>
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To: hayes@parc.xerox.com, interlingua@vaxa.isi.edu
Subject: On the role of quotation in an RCode
Reply-To: macgregor@venera.isi.edu
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 90 12:55:00 PDT
From: Robert MacGregor <macgreg@vaxa.isi.edu>

I apologize for misquoting you:
> [From Pat] I dont want to claim
> that quotation "doesnt make sense" for an Rcode ...

Just to set the record straight though, my statement was
"an EMPHASIS on the use of quotation makes sense for a CCode, but not for
an RCode" (emphasis added)

Speaking for myself, I would agree that quotation "makes perfect sense"
in an RCode, e.g., as a means for making statements about sentences.
However, Mike advocates making quotation a central part of the language
(e.g., stating that KIF is a first-order logic with quotation).  I
would claim that unless we are implementing a CCode, than the role of
quotation is much less important, e.g., no more important than
a modal operator such as "believes".  Hence, the role of quotation
should not be EMPHASIZED within an RCode.

Cheers, Bob