Re: communication and representation

Michael Genesereth <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 1990 10:00:45 PDT
From: Michael Genesereth <>
Subject: Re: communication and representation 
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You are right on in your analysis of the interlingua.  There are indeed
two concepts, an rcode and a ccode as you suggest.  The Interlingua
committee is concerned with the development of a ccode.  The kr system
committee is concerned with the development of kr system standards for
different flavors of systems (e.g. frames, logic, production rules, etc).
As usch that committee needs to worry aboput BOTH software AND an 
approriate rcode.    Hopefully, systems that support the stds developed
by the kr system committee will also provide translators into and out of
the intrelingua ccode so that systems in different styles can communicate.
I thought that Peter undertsood this distinction, but I do not know
about this loser Mike G.  that you mention.  He should certainly be
aware that the interlingua is a ccode.  What gave you the impression that
he thought otherwise??