hiher-order KIF & Conceptual graphs

fritz@rodin.wustl.edu (Fritz Lehmann)
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 93 05:23:47 CST
From: fritz@rodin.wustl.edu (Fritz Lehmann)
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To: boley@dfki.uni-kl.edu, cg@cs.umn.edu, interlingua@ISI.EDU
Subject: hiher-order KIF & Conceptual graphs

Dear Tom Gruber,                      Gruber@HPP.Stanford.edu

     I agree with everything in your last message.  Nothing in it
implies that KIF is merely First-Order.  It occurs to me that you
did not say that KIF is First-Order before; you only said you had
been told that it is.  If I had not also been told that KIF is
First-Order, and that no such relation as p-prime (in our last
exchange) exists, I would not have raised the logic-order issue
for KIF.  Conceptual Graphs has depended on Sowa's "phi" operator
which was originally purely First-Order.  I don't know about the
current status.  If KIF and CGs are now effectively strongly
higher-order, my job is done.  In any case I leave it the hands
of the authors.

                         Yours truly, Fritz Lehmann
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