Re: What is AI?
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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1993 12:04:50 +0000
To: interlingua@ISI.EDU, Dan Schwartz <>
Subject: Re: What is AI?
>Comments anyone?
The field has been through this before, probably several times. The name
'Artificial Intelligence' raises some people's blood pressure. People have
tried, with varying success, to get it changed: to Machine Intelligence, or
Automated Cognition, or Computer Intelligence, or whatever. But we are now
stuck with it, it has become fixed by history. Lets just stop fussing about
it. My suggestion is to follow the inspired leadership of SRI, which was
once the Stanford Research Institute, and just drop the dots. I work in the
field AI, pronounced "ay-eye". It doesnt stand for anything, and its almost
impossible to define it. Its like Monet's painting: you can't define it,
but you can recognise it when you see it.

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