Re: heterogeneous DBs
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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 12:14:11 +0000
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Subject: Re:  heterogeneous DBs
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Now now John, you mustn't let your personal animosities transfer
into your professional judsgements. Without wanting to start
a quarrel, I really should correct the following, in case anyone were to 
think it was true:

>... As you can see from the recent
>AAAI meetings, attendance is way down, the commercial companies
>are pulling out of the exhibits, and the people with real applications
>who need standards are staying away in droves.
>So KIF and CGs will become a standard for commercial database and
>CASE tools, but not for AI.  The whole AI field will dry up and
>blow away in purity and innocence without any standards at all.

In fact, AI is booming in the commercial world, but its often not being 
called 'AI', because this world runs on fashions, and they never last for
than a few years. AI was hot news a few years ago, but now its OOP
and fuzzy logic that is expected to produce miracles. In a few more years
it will be something else. Meanwhile, AI research is moving along smoothly
successful AI applications are making or saving millions of dollars. 

Attendance at the AAAI national meetings is not 'way down'. Compared to
similar meetings - most of which have suffered some shrinkage recently - 
AAAI attendance profile is actually higher than the norm. This years was 
about what we expected. And you should pay attention to other things, 
such as attendance at the AAAI Spring and Fall workshops, before concluding

that the field will 'dry up and blow away'. AI is here to stay, whatever 
it is called.

Pat Hayes

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