Re: Model vs. World (Chris Menzel)
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Subject: Re: Model vs. World
To: (Fritz Lehmann)
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1993 14:39:03 -0500 (CDT)
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Fritz Lehmann wrote:
: 	Also, Chris Menzel replied to me,
: >I don't believe Pat et al. were quite as led astray by formal methods
: >as you suggest.  Pat is surely aware of the possibility of convoluted
: >Tarskian models of the sort you discuss.  The important point for him
: >is that you can also define "accurate" or "intended" models out of
: >real world objects and thereby provide a rigorous account of how
: >models represent.  John argued in response for the much stronger claim
: >that one cannot properly form mathematical models out of real world
: >objects *at all*.
: 	Tarskian model theory is about how models are represented, not about 
: "how models represent".

Oops; I flip-flopped to "model" in the standard sense of "information
model", i.e., a syntactic (usually graphical) representation of, say,
a database schema or business process.  A better choice would have
been "knowledge representations".


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