OWL-QL Project
for the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory

The Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee is proposing an OWL query language called OWL-QL. Stanford KSL has implemented the query language.

Research Team

  • Richard Fikes
  • Rob McCool
  • Deborah McGuinness

    Research Objectives

  • Adapt and continue development of the query language DQL to the OWL representation language.

    Related Publications

  • Richard Fikes, Pat Hayes, Ian Horrocks. OWL-QL: A Language for Deductive Query Answering on the Semantic Web. KSL Technical Report 03-14.
  • Please see the DQL page for related publications about DQL.

    Presentations and Demos

  • A detailed discussion of the OWL-QL syntax.
  • The XML Schema definition of our OWL-QL syntax is defined in owl-ql.xsd and owl-qlvar.xsd. Note that OWL-QL messages make use of the RDF namespace, but that there is no XML Schema document describing either RDF or OWL.
  • Some example queries.
  • Download the OWL-QL toolkit as a .zip file
  • OWL-QL Query Service Demo

  • Project Related Events

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