Barbara Hayes - Roth
(Principal Researcher)
Dr. Hayes-Roth is the director of this company.
Patrick Doyle My interests include operating autonomous agents on MUDs, for educational, exploratory, and narrative purposes. I am currently developing agents that rely on annotations in virtual environments to help them act believably and intelligently..
Heidy Maldonado Heidy is a Ph.D. student in Education, studying the interaction between toys and learning. Her past projects include a a multi-lingual, animated tiger called Tigrito, which contrasted different modes of human-character interaction and explore the impact of affect on language learning, and Conejito, an interactive, large-screen world of rabbit characters directed by human participants.

Past Performers in our Group

Ruth Duran Huard
Katherine Isbister
Lee Brownston
Cleve Cheng
Kenneth Cheng
Todd Feldman
Robert van Gent
Danny Huber
Bob Murata
Prasanna Ramaswami
Daniel Rousseau
Erik Sincoff May 7, 2001