Our work has been supported by an ARPA contract through Teknowledge, Inc., a grant from the National Science Foundation, a gift from Intel, and Seed Grants from Stanford's Center for the Study of Language and Information and Office of Technology Licensing.

Aside from our research funding, there are people or projects that have donated time, ideas, or code to our project. We'd like to extend a special thank you to all of them.

Larry Friedlander
Prof. Friedlander, of the English Department here at Stanford, has offered thoughts and collaboration helping us to understand what theater is and how it can work in an interactive computer environment.

Ken Perlin
Ken Perlin is the director of the Media Research Laboratory at New York University. He and his group designed the procedural animation system that we use in our master/servant scenarios. We would like to thank him and the MRL for making their system available to us.

The Oz Project
We would like to acknowledge the generous assistance of the members of Carnegie Mellon University's Oz Project for letting us (and helping us) use their "Woggles" system. April 17, 1998