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Deep Forest (Celine)

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Jayhawks: {Hollywood Town Hall} (Def American) [Next Is The E] (luglio 1992). L'album omonimo del luglio (per la Instinct,


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{Trance Mission} (City Of Tribes)
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{Red House Painters} (4AD)
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{Red Red Meat} (Perishable)
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Matthew Sweet: {Altered Beast} (Zoo)
Sven Vath: {Accident In Paradise} (Eye Q) Trash Can School: {Volume War} (Sympathy For The Record Industry) Bjork: {Debut} (One Little Indian)
Elvis Costello: {Juliet Letters} (Warner Brothers) Gone: {The Criminal Mind} (SST)
Greg Ginn: {Getting Even} (Cruz)
St Johnny: {High As A Kite} (Caroline). Eleven: {Eleven} (Thrid Rail)


Magnetic Fields: {The Charm Of The Highway Strip} (Merge) Aurora: {Dimension Gate} (Hyperion)
Lambchop: {I Hope You're Sitting Down} (Merge) Von Lmo: {Cosmic Interception} (Variant) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: {Orange} (Matador) Shellac: {At Action Park} (Touch & Go)
Bedhead: {What Fun Life Was} (Trance Syndicate) Velo-Deluxe: {Superelastic} (Mammoth)
Cobra Verde: {Viva La Muerte} (Scat)
Skrew: {Dusted} (Metal Blade)
Rancid: {Let's Go} (Epitaph)
Low Road: {The Devil's Pocket} (Passenger) Jesus Lizard: {Down} (Touch & Go)
Bleak: Vane (Projekt)
Mentallo & The Fixer {Where Angels Fear To Tread} (Zoth Ommog) Pegboy: {Earwig} (Quarterstick)
Tiny Lights: {Milky Juicy} (Dr Dream)
Guided By Voices: {Bee Thousand} (Scat) Space Streakings: {7-Toku} (Skin Graft)

Pram: {Helium} (Too Pure)
Sky Cries Mary: {This Timeless Turning} (World Domination) Luna: {Bewitched} (Elektra)
Offspring: {Smash} (Epitaph)
Lords Of Acid: {Voodoo-U} (American)
Crunt (Trance Syndicate)
Moon Seven Times: {7=49} (Roadrunner)
Satchel: {EDC} (Epic)
Lee Harvey Oswald Band: {A Taste Of Prison} (Touch And Go)

Lisa Germano: {Geek The Girl} (4AD)
{Tortoise} (Thrill Jockey)
Unwound: Fake Train (Kill Rock Stars)
Liz Phair: {Whip-Smart} (Matador)
Phish: {Hoist} (Elektra)
Drive Like Jehu: {Yank Crime} (Interscope) Catherine: {Sorry} (TVT)
Cows: {Orphan's Tragedy} (Amphetamine Reptile) Nine Inch Nails: {The Downward Spiral} (TVT) Bark Psychosis: {Hex} (Circa)
Sister Machine Gun: {Torture Technique} (Wax Trax) Unsane: {Total Destruction} (Matador)
Distorted Pony: {Instant Winner} (Trance) Grant Lee Buffalo: {Mighty Joe Moon} (London) Cradle Of Thorns: Feed Us (Triple X)
Rodan: {Rusty} (Quarterstick)
Soundgarden: {Superunknown} (A&M)
Red Red Meat: {Jimmy Wine Majestic} (SubPop) Crust: {Crusty Love} (Trance)
Live: {Throwing Copper} (Radioactive)
Gumball: {Revolution On Ice} (Sony)
Scorn: {Colossus} (Earache)
Stereolab: {Mars Audiac Quintet} (Elektra) Porcupine Tree: {The Sky Moves Sideways} (Delerium) Godheadsilo: {Scientific Supercake} (Kill Rock Stars) {Jessamine} (Kranky)

Black Crowes: {Amorica} (American)
Madder Rose: {Panic On} (Atlantic)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: {Strangers From The Universe} (Matador) Daniel Johnston: {Fun} (Atlantic)
Beck: {Mellow Gold} (DGC)
Velocity Girl: {Simpatico} (SubPop)
Sugar: {File Under Easy Listening} (Rykodisc) Sebadoh: {Bakesale} (SubPop)
Man Or Astro-man: {Destroy All Astro-men} (Estrus) Nfox: {Punk In Drublic} (Epitaph)
{Dirty Three} (Torn & Frayed)
Atomic 61: {Tinnitus In Extremis} (Cavity Search) Soma: {Hollow Earth} (Extreme)
Throneberry: {Sangria} (Alias)
Jeff Buckley: {Grace} (Columbia)
Further: {Sometimes Chimes} (Christmas) Banco De Gaia: Maya (Planet Dog)
God: The Anatomy Of Addiction (Big Cat) Cranberries: {No Need To Argue} (Island) Slowdive: {Souvlaki} (Creation)
Heavenly: {Decline And Fall} (K)
Marylin Manson: {Portrait Of An American Family} (Nothing) Unwound: {New Plastic Ideas} (Kill Rock Stars) Oasis: {Definitely Maybe} (Sony)
Wedding Present: {Watusi} (Island)
Soul Coughing: {Ruby Vroom} (Slash)
Veruca Salt: {American Thighs} (DGC)
Freedy Johnston: This Perfect World (Elektra) Acid Bath: {When The Kite String Pops} (Rotten)


Lightwave: Mundus Subterraneus (Hearts Of Space) Trance Mission: Meanwhile (City Of Tribes) Lycia: {The Burning Circle And Then Dust} (Projekt) Air Liquide: {The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration} (Smile) Low: {Long Division} (Vernon Yard)
Vampire Rodents: {Clockseed} (Re-Constriction) Jarboe: {Sacrificial Cake} (Alternative Tentacles) Smog: {Wild Love} (Drag City)
Crash Worship: {Triplemania II} (Charnel Music) Six Finger Satellite: Severe Exposure (SubPop) Future Sound Of London: {Lifeforms} (Astralwerks) Mu-ziq: {In Pine Effect} (Virgin)
Skylab: {#1} (Astralwerks)
Earth: {Phase 3} (SubPop)

Witch Hazel: {Landlocked} (Flydaddy)
Geraldine Fibbers: {Lost Somewhere} (Virgin) Edsel: {Techniques Of Speed Hypnosis} (Relativity) Sixteen Deluxe: {Backfeedmagnetbabe} (Trance Syndicate) Thee Speaking Canaries: {Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged} (Scat) Morphine: {Yes} (Rykodisc)
Human Drama: {Songs Of Betrayal} (Projekt) Techno Animal: Re-Entry (Virgin)
Spitters: {Give} (Funky Mushroom)
Thanatos: {An Embassy To Gaius} (Projekt) KMFDM: {Nihil} (Wax Trax)
Pram: {Sargasso Sea} (Too Pure)
Steril: {Transmission Pervous} (Offbeat) June Of 44: {Engine Takes To The Water} (Quarterstick) Karp: {Moustaches Wild} (K)

Lubricated Goat: {Forces You Don't Understand} (PCP) Foetus: {Gash} (Columbia)
Ed Hall: {La-La-Land} (Trance Syndicate) Red Aunts: {#1 Chicken} (Epitaph)
Lida Husik: {Joyride} (Caroline)
Juliana Hatfield: {Only Everything} (Mammoth) Kepone: Skin (Quarterstick)
Rosa Mota: {Wishful Sinking} (Mute)
Fugazi: {Red Medicine} (Dischord)
Eden: {Fire And Rain} (Projekt)
Soul Junk: 1952 (Homestead)
Mike Gira: {Drainland} (Alternative Tentacles) Mercury Rev: {See You On The Other Side} (Sony) Milk Cut: {Burn Or Bury} (Basura)
Trance: {Augury} (Charnel)
{Joykiller} (Epitaph)
Natalie Merchant: {Tigerlily} (Elektra) Portishead: {Dummy} (Go Disc)
{Garbage} (Almo)
{Fur} (Blackout)
{Killing Floor} (Re-Constriction/Cargo) {P} (Capitol)
Ultra Bide`: {God Is God} (Alternative Tentacles) Underground Lovers: {Dream It Down} (Polydor) Yo La Tengo: {Electr-O-Pura} (Matador)
Tilt: Til It Kills (Fat Wreck Chords)
Don Caballero: 2 (Touch & Go)
Mouse On Mars: {Iaora Tahiti} (Too Pure) {Foo Fighters} (Roswell)
Oasis: {Morning Glory} (Sony)
{Prick} (Interscope)
SMP: {Stalemate} (Reconstriction/Cargo) Dance Hall Crashers: {Lockjaw} (510)
Supernova: {Ages 3 And Up} (Amphetamine Reptile) Shame Idols: {I Got Time} (Frontier)
Truly: {Fast Stories} (Capitol)

Black Tape For A Blue Girl: {Remnants Of A Deeper Purity} (Projekt) Subarachnoid Space: {Delicate Membrane} (Charnel Music) Cul De Sac: China Gate (Thirsty Ear)
Richard Bone: {Eternal Now} (Quirkworks) Windsor For The Derby: {Calm Hades Float} (Trance Syndicate) Bedhead: {Beheaded} (Trance Syndicate)
Polvo: Exploded Drawing (Touch & Go)
Sixteen Horsepower: {Sackcloth & Ashes} (A&M) Today is The Day (Amphetamine Reptile)
The Flying Luttenbachers: Revenge (Skin Graft) Ghost: {Lama Rabi Rabi} (Drag City)
Brainiac: Hissing Prigs In Static Couture (Touch & Go) Sweet Pea: {Chicks Hate Wes} (Trance Syndicate) {Soul Whirling Somewhere} (Projekt)
Run On: {Start Packing} (Matador)
Lisa Germano: Excerpts From A Love Circus (4AD) Bile: {Teknowhore} (Energy)

{Gravitar} (Charnel Music)
Girls Vs Boys: House Of GVSB (Touch & Go) Man Or Astroman: Experiment Zero (Touch & Go) June Of 44: {Tropics And Meridians} (Quarterstick) Steril: {Egoism} (Offbeat)
Earth: {Pentastar} (Sub Pop)
Lovesliecrusching: {Xuvetyn} (Projekt)
Godheadsilo: {Skyward In Triumph} (SubPop) American Analog Set: {The Fun Of Watching Fireworks} (Trance) Silkworm: {Firewater} (Matador)
Gastr Del Sol: {Upgrade & Afterlife} (Drag City) Michelle Shocked: {Kind Hearted Woman} (Private) Dirty Three: Horse Stories (Touch & Go)