Rob McCool

I'm a research programmer here at the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory. My current research area is knowledge based systems. Specifically, I'm working on:

KDD relates to building knowledge bases and metadata automatically from various documents including news articles, and assists in the production of machine-readable "reports" about that data. Authoring tools in the form of semantically-enhanced word processors and spreadsheets will be produced as a product of this research. Maintenance of a machine-readable knowledge base of information is made transparent, and data is stored as documents for the Semantic Web in formats such as RDF and DAML.

NIMD relates to intelligent reasoning systems, and the integration of data aquisition systems and such reasoning systems. Semantic Search is also a component of this data aggregation and presentation system.

TAP is a project to take the existing human web, and solve certain key problems to making that data available in a machine-understandable format in real time. Applications include smart search, contextual real time advertising (such as advertising about Michael Jordan being shown alongside a news article about him), and integration of site data.

I have my fingers in some other projects, but not enough to document them here. Maybe later.

My specific background is in software development, at NCSA working on the httpd project, and at Netscape working on the Netscape Enterprise Server and various other server products.

Rob McCool,