pic of me bouldering (a kind of rock climbing)

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I enjoy wishing I had more time for a number of athletic activities, notably rock climbing and running at the moment. I don't claim that I'm actually good at these things, but I do like them. :-)

I actually ran the Big Sur International Marathon, once.
It was hard.
Don't ask me how long it took me. (In my defense, there was an extremely unusual heat wave the day I ran it, setting new temperature records for heat in both Monterey and San Francisco.)
But it's a spectacular marthon. I highly recommend it if you are shopping for one. It was voted best marathon in North America a number of times. 26 miles along the awesome Pacific Coast Highway.

Some good general fitness info on the net that everyone should be familiar with (in my opinion):

Once upon a time I had more info about other things I like on these web pages, but this info is in need of an update. In the meantime here are a few pictures I had lying around.

By Lake Tahoe:
pic of me in front of Lake Tahoe

My favorite bouldering problem:
my favorite boulder problem 1

my favorite boulder problem 2

my favorite boulder problem 3

my favorite boulder problem 4

my favorite boulder problem 5

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