KSL Virtual Documents

Tom Gruber, Stanford University

Abstract of talk given at the Stanford Computer Forum WWW Workshop - September 20-21, 1994
Virtual documents are hypermedia documents that are generated on demand, in response to user (reader) input. Unlike a hand crafted web of static pages, a virtual document can provide answers to a huge space of potential information needs, and can adapt the presentation to the reader. Virtual documents can be seen in software delivery modalities such as forms-based query interfaces to databases, client-based (remote) user interfaces to applications, and application embedding. The standards and installed base of the World Wide Web provide the basis for applying these sorts of techniques to make true virtual documents a reality today.

In this talk we demonstrate the potential of virtual documents with several working examples of from the World Wide Web. The possibilities include

The talk will also introduce some of the technical issues and tradeoffs, such as

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copyright (c) 1994 Thomas R. Gruber