Tom Gruber's Publications

This page is from 1995. See also Tom Gruber's Recent Publications.

These are my most recent papers. If you can't find the a paper of interest below, check under my name in the KSL's digital library of Technical Reports.

T. Gruber, S. Vemuri, and J. Rice, Model-Based Virtual Document Generation. A paper on virtual documents that generate explanations on demand, 1995. To appear in International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 1997. Be sure to read the on-line version, with real working demonstrations.

J. Rice, A. Farquhar, P. Piernot, & T. Gruber. Using the Web as an Application Interface. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, KSL-95-69, September 1995. CHI '96 Proceedings: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 13-18, 1996, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Pushes the "virtual document as interface" metaphor to the extreme. The much-extended, on-line version contains interactive examples of UI techniques described in the paper. The abstract and postscript version of the publication is available from the Technical Reports library.

Gruber, T. R., Tenenbaum, A. B., & and Tenenbaum, J. M. (1994). NIKE: A National Infrastructure for Knowledge Exchange. A widely circulated white paper proposing a web- and market-based infrastructure for collaborative, knowledge-based learning and work. Also available in postscript.

Karp, P. D., & Gruber, T. R. (1995). A Generic Knowledge-base Access Protocol. Proceedings of the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, Montreal.

Olsen, G. R., Cutkosky, M., Tenenbaum, J. M., & Gruber, T. R. (1994). Collaborative engineering based on knowledge-sharing agreements. American Society for Mechanical Engineering (ASME) International Computers in Engineering conference. Won Best Paper award.

Gruber, T. R., & Olsen, G. R. (1994). An ontology for engineering mathematics. In J. Doyle, P. Torasso, & E. Sandewall (Eds.), Fourth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Gustav Stresemann Institut, Bonn, Germany, Morgan Kaufmann. A well designed ontology, built to enable sharing and reuse of engineering models.

Gruber, T. R., & Russell, D. M. (1995). Generative design rationale: Beyond the record and replay paradigm. In T. Moran & J. H. Carroll (Eds.), Design Rationale: Concepts, Techniques, and Use. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Originally written in 1992, on the web in 1993, in print in 1995!

Gruber, T. R. (1993). Toward principles for the design of ontologies used for knowledge sharing. Originally in N. Guarino & R. Poli, (Eds.), International Workshop on Formal Ontology, Padova, Italy. Revised August 1993. Published in International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, special issue on Formal Ontology in Conceptual Analysis and Knowledge Representation (guest editors: N. Guarino and R. Poli) (to appear). Available as technical report KSL-93-04, Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Stanford University. Another 3 year lag between appearance on the web and in print.

Gruber, T. R. (1993). A Translation Approach to Portable Ontology Specifications. Knowledge Acquisition, 5(2), 199-220. This is the official Ontolingua paper. Please don't cite the tech report!

McGuire, J. G., Kuokka, D. R., Weber, J. C., Tenenbaum, J. M., Gruber, T. R., & Olsen, G. R. (1993). SHADE: Technology for knowledge-based collaborative engineering. Journal of Concurrent Engineering: Applications and Research (CERA), 1(2).

Gautier, P. O., & Gruber, T. R. (1993). Generating Explanations of Device Behavior Using Compositional Modeling and Causal Ordering. Proceedings of the Eleventh National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Washington, D.C., AAAI Press/The MIT Press.

Gruber, T. R., & Gautier, P. O. (1993). Machine-generated explanations of engineering models: A compositional modeling approach. Proceedings of the 13th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Chambery, France, pages 1502-1508, San Mateo, CA: Morgan Kaufmann.

Cutkosky, M., Engelmore, R. S., Fikes, R. E., Gruber, T. R., Genesereth, M. R., Mark, W. S., Tenenbaum, J. M., & Weber, J. C. (1993). PACT: An experiment in integrating concurrent engineering systems. IEEE Computer, 26(1), 28-37. PACT is the Palo Alto Collaboration Testbed.

Gruber, T. R., Tenenbaum, J. M., & Weber, J. C. (1992). Toward a knowledge medium for collaborative product development. In J. S. Gero (Eds.), Artificial Intelligence in Design '92: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Design. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Neches, R., Fikes, R., Finin, T., Gruber, T., Patil, R., Senator, T., & Swartout, W. R. Enabling technology for knowledge sharing. AI Magazine, 12(3):16-36, 1991.

Gruber, T. R. Interactive Acquisition of Justifications: Learning “Why” by Being Told “What.” IEEE Expert, 6(4): 65-75, August 1991.