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Deborah McGuinness is the acting director and senior research scientist of the Knowledge Systems, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (KSL) at Stanford University. Deborah is a leading authority on the semantic web and has been working in knowledge representation and reasoning environments for over 25 years. Deborah's primary research thrusts include work on explanation, trust, ontologies, and semantically-enabled schema and data integration. Deborah initiated the Inference Web effort at Stanford, which is the basis of explanation and transparency projects in DARPA, DTO, and NSF-funded programs. Deborah is also widely known for her leading role in the development of the W3C Recommended Web Ontology Language (OWL) and some of the predessor languages: the DARPA agent markup language (DAML+OIL), OIL, and CLASSIC. She has built and deployed numerous ontology environments and ontology applications, including some that have been in continuous use for over a decade at AT&T and Lucent. Selected previous systems include the Chimaera Ontology Evolotion Environment, the FindUR knowledge enhanced search system, the CLASSIC knowledge representation system, and the PROSE/QUESTAR family of configurators. She has published over 100 papers and has authored granted patents in knowledge based systems, ontology environments, configuration, and search technology.

Deborah also consults helping clients plan, develop, deploy, and maintain semantic web and/or AI applications. Some areas of recent work include: semantically-enabled virtual observatories, semantic integration of scientific data, ontology environments, search, eCommerce, eHealth, configuration, and supply chain management. She is on the technology advisory board for Katalytik, Radar Networks, Sandpiper Software, and Blue Chip Expert and recently advised Applied Semantics, Guru Worldwide, and Cerebra prior to their acquisitions. Deborah is the program chair for the 2007 Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. She was the program chair for the 2004 American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference and program chair for the 2002 International Knowledge Representation and Reasoning conference. She is a founding member of the the Semantic Web Science Foundation and is on the advisory board of the Oregon State Ecosystem Informatics Program. Deborah received her Bachelors degree in math and computer science from Duke University, her Masters degree in computer science from Berkeley, and her Ph.D. from Rutgers University.