Sampath Srinivas

E-Mail Address:

KSL Affiliation/Position:

Phd Student, Advisor: Prof. Richard Fikes

Research/Professional Interests:

Model-based diagnosis, Bayesian networks, Decision theory

Personal Research Statement:

My thesis work addresses problems that have to be overcome
to make probabilistic model-based diagnosis practical. Some
of the issues I look at at are: How do we perform diagnosis
tractably? Where do the probability numbers come from? How
can we handle incomplete models gracefully? How do we
compute good repair strategies tractably?

Education/Other Relevant Experience:

M.S. Mech. Engg. U. C. Berkeley 1988

Research Scientist, Rockwell Science Center, 1990-present

Personal Interests:

bicycling, Indian classical music

Abstracts and PostScript versions of Sampath Srinivas's KSL papers are available here.
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