Adam Farquhar is a research associate in the Stanford University Computer Science Department. His doctoral research, completed in 1993 at the University of Texas at Austin under Prof. Ben Kuipers, addressed core issues in the semantics and effective implementation of tools for the automated modeling and simulation of physical systems. He has published in the areas of qualitative modeling and simulation (e.g., QSIM, QPC), model based diagnosis (e.g., GDE+), focused reason maintenance systems (e.g. Coco), and exemplar-based reasoning (e.g., Protos). A focus of recent work has been the use, reuse, and sharing of knowledge. This includes developing: tools that allow distributed groups to collaboratively specify shared conceptualizations, languages and tools that enable groups to share models of physical systems, and information brokering techniques that allow clients to find, query, and understand information provided over the Internet. Dr. Farquhar has served on the program committee of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and is co-chair of the 1996 International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning.