for the agenda Nov 6

Doug Skuce (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 12:08:15 -0500

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. But there is a topic that I
feel very strongly about that I feel should be discussed seriously.

It is simply that I feel we must evolve some way of interacting
electronically EVEN BY EMAIL IF NO OTHER. The CG group does this
seemingly quite well. I have been striving to advocate this for years
with so far little success. I am even trying to deliver a tool (DocKMan)
to permit easy, organized interactions via the Web. Thus we can present
our favourite things (entities? objects? alls?) and haggle about and
compare them. This tool is still not quite ready but I keep hoping that
it will be so within a month or so. I am sorry that I promised it at the
last meeting and it is still not ready. (blame Java too!)

When it is I will try to act as a facilitator of any efforts to share
ontological ideas as much as needed, even by email. Note that DocKMan
serves quite a different purpose from the Stanford tool. It is not
formal (but you are welcome to type in your axioms). It is intended
mainly to structure and share semi-formal knowledge.

I see no hope of progress at any useful rate following the pattern so
far. Maybe I'm just gloomy today after shoveling my driveway of 15 cm of
wet snow.


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