Re: [Tentative T2 Meeting Date and Location]

Eduard Hovy (hovy@ISI.EDU)
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 16:23:43 -0700 (PDT)

At 6:24 PM -0000 9/29/97, Anthony K. Sarris wrote:

>...there may be other related efforts to bring into the loop. As far as
>the formal standardization side goes, I'd like to get some resolution soon
>as to what if anything might be standardized, what's to be made publically
>available outside the standardization arena, what's proprietary, etc.

I am working closely wih (and am being funded by) DARPA's HPKB Jumpstart
effort here at ISI to create a "real" standardized Upper Ontology of a few
thousand nodes from Sensus/Pangloss, MIKROKOSMOS, and possibly CYC (with
Fritz's help), and to make that available to (at least) the Jumpstart

The first release date, of just a few hundred concepts, is later this week.

The next release date, of a few thousand, is later this month.

This may be of general interest...

Also, I having fun with the alignment algorithms, which might be interesting
to people who want to try their own (?).

Does all this mean we do have enough for a one-day meeting in November?


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