Re: [Tentative T2 Meeting Date and Location]

Eduard Hovy (hovy@ISI.EDU)
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 13:14:54 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I was wondering the same thing. Who has anything to report?

>From my side:
1. I am currently busy aligning MIKROKOSMOS and SENSUS/Pangloss (the top
5,000-odd of each)
2. Fritz and I are collaborating on aligning the top 2,500-odd of CYC with
the top few hundred of SENSU/Pangloss (and I hope that once this is
done we can proceed with the next 5,000 or so of SENSUS/Pangloss)
3. I can tell a little about EuroWordNet happenings

I know both Frizt and Adam have been actively busy; Adam on parsing the CIA
factbook to put its contents into an ontology and Fritz on the above and
related work.

Is that enough to convene a meeting for?

Does anyone have other things to describe?


At 2:06 PM -0000 9/27/97, Josiah Lee Auspitz wrote:
>Was there ever a reply to this question by Fritz?
>Lee Auspitz
>> Will the T2 Ontology Ad Hoc Group be meeting at this time and place?
>> Yours truly, Fritz Lehmann
>> Fritz Lehmann, Cycorp, 3721 Executive Center Dr., Austin, TX 78731 USA
>> email: telephone: (512) 342-4013 fax: (512) 342-4040
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