X3T2 Meeting - Early Reminder

Anthony K. Sarris (tony@ontek.com)
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 12:20:09 -0700

Happy New Year to Members and Observers of ANSI Accredited Standards
Committee X3, Technical Committtee T2 - Information Interchange and

Since many of you may be updating your calendars and doing some planning
and scheduling for 1997, this is an early reminder that the next scheduled
meeting of X3T2 will be March 18-21, 1997 at the University of Southern
California - Information Sciences Institute (USC ISI) in Marina del Rey
(Los Angeles area), California. The first two days will likely be for
plenary matters and preparation of the ballot response and edits to the
Committee Draft (CD) version of IS 14481, Information Technoology -
Conceptual Schema Modelling Facilities (CSMF) standard. The next two days
will likely be set aside for review of the draft proposed American National
Standards (dpANS) for the Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) and Conceptual
Graphs (CGs), as well as for the next meeting of the X3T2 Ad Hoc Group on
Ontology. Some members have indicated an interest in informally meeting on
Saturday March 22 to discuss current ontology projects in general and
liaisons among such projects, and ISI has graciously offered to provide
meeting space for such a meeting.

It should be noted that these meeting dates (March 18-21, and possibly 22)
are the week before the March 24-26 Stanford Spring Symposium on AI, and
afford long-distance attendees an opportunity to piggyback travel for these
two related meetings. LAX is very close to Marina del Rey and there are
frequent flights to the Bay Area airports. Alternatively, it can be a
reasonably pleasant 6-7 hour drive along the central coast.

More details of the next X3T2 meeting, including logistical arrangements
and a detailed draft agenda, will be distributed via e-mail and snailmail
in mid-February.

I look forward to seeing many of you in March, and again best wishes for a
productive and enjoyable 1997!

Tony Sarris
X3T2 Chair
Ontek Corporation