Network Based Information Brokering - Overview

Project Objective

Facilitate the construction of network-based information brokers by providing tools for domain and information source modeling, tools for semantic level integration of heterogeneous information sources, a library of multi-use foundation ontologies, and query-answering techniques from information sources with semantic mismatches.

Technical Approach

Build on the languages (e.g., KIF), protocols, libraries, and tools (e.g., Ontolingua) developed in the DARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort.

Develop tools and languages for building declarative domain models, conduct research in the design and implementation of foundational concepts that underlie the modeling of a broad array of application domains, and provide new tools for assisting users of networked-based information systems in formulating appropriate queries. All tools, foundational ontologies, and domain models will be made available over the World Wide Web for access by the research community.

Recent Activities

The Ontolingua ontology development system and library are available for public use as a World Wide Web service. The server is in active use by over a hundred users at both academic and corporate sites. Descriptions of sample projects using Ontolingua are available on the server. Ontolingua can be accessed from

Project Staff (9/1996)

Faculty: Richard Fikes
Research Associates: Adam Farquhar
Scientific Programmer: James Rice
Ph. D. Students: Sasa Buvac, Angela Dappert, Sunil Vemuri

Plans for the Next Year

Recent Publications

Most KSL publications are available on line at:
Adam Farquhar
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