RE: DOS version of ontolingua

James Rice <rice@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 10:31:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: James Rice <rice@HPP.Stanford.EDU>
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Subject: RE: DOS version of ontolingua
To: "James M. Peters" <jpeters+@CMU.EDU>
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James M. Peters <jpeters+@CMU.EDU> writes:
>>Is there a version of ontolingua designed to run in a DOS or Windows
>>version of common lisp?
>>Jim Peters

There are two answers to this question:

  a) No.  There is no version of Ontolingua that has ever (knowingly)
     been ported to a Lisp running under DOS.  Having said this, there's
     nothing particularly complicated about Ontolingua 4.*, and the FTPable
     version would probably work (almost) out of the box if your Lisp
     is comes from one of the vendors for which the code was already
     known to work on other platforms.

     Having said this, the version of Ontolingua that you can FTP from
     Stanford (4.*) is the old version and is really not "supported" in
     any serious way.  We really have to get around to cleaning up
     our web pages to reflect this change.  I would tend to try to
     discourage you from trying to run this form of Ontolingua.
     You're welcome to do so, it's just that you're (largely) on your own.

  b) Yes, it's just that you don't actually run Ontolingua on your PC,
     you run it over the net on one of our machines from Netscape/Mosaic.

     This is, for us, the prefered mode of Ontolingua use.  It's the only
     way that _we_ use ontolingua, and it's the only one we support.  We
     aren't shipping this code at all, and because of not spending our
     time on the thankless task of making things portable, we have been
     able to make the new Ontolingua 5.0 substantially more powerful and
     useable than any previous version.

The bottom line is that I'd council using Ontolingua by going to

Hope this helps,