Re: Open accounts

James Rice <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 11:26:13 PDT
From: James Rice <>
To: Hung-Shiun Chen <chs@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Cc: ontolingua@HPP.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Re: Open accounts 
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It may be that the easiest thing to do would be
to call me up so that we can talk about this.

The Ontolingua .tar file is as big as it is because it contains
all sorts of hypertextified ontologies.  The code for Ontolingua
itself is much smaller.  All you need is all of the .lisp files
in the [pub/knowledge-sharing/ontolingua/] directory and
in the subdirectories:
   gfp, kernel, targets, tools
>From the examples directory you will also need

This lot probably only adds up to a megabyte or so.

On a different tack altogether, I am currently writing
a browser/editor tool for Ontolingua ontologies that should
allow anyone to build ontologies without having to run
Ontolingua at all.  We'll be in need of alpha testers
from around Stanford in a few days.  Given what the
CommerceNet project is up to this might be the best bet.

Rice - 723-8405